Purafil Turns 50!

Purafil Turns 50!

50 years. Half a century. This is how long Purafil has been around. Can you believe it?! 50 years ago, we didn’t have the internet, self-driving cars or even microwaves, yet here Purafil is, still going strong five decades later. We are humbled and proud of this feat, but it wouldn’t be possible without a proven product, amazing team and years of innovation and growth.

While Purafil was formally established in 1969, we had already revolutionized the gas phase filtration industry long before by creating the world’s first active oxidant-impregnated air cleaning pellet. We spent years doing market trials, which proved our worth and viability as a successful company. In 1969, we became the standalone manufacturer that we are today.

At Purafil, we’re never content with the status quo, and this is most visible through our history of firsts. We were the first to engineer, manufacture and patent potassium and sodium permanganate-impregnated media for the oxidation of pollutants. We were the first to manufacture an engineered carbon media alternative to activated carbon to neutralize corrosive airborne pollutants. We were the first to develop and patent Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology, which allowed for real-time corrosion reactivity monitoring. There are so many firsts beyond this that we have pioneered, which continues to drive current innovations. It is these kinds of milestones that lead customers to trust us. They trust us to solve their problems by providing superior media, equipment and monitoring services.

Our innovative gas phase filtration solutions eliminate odors and corrosive gases, improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and protect against toxic gas releases. We work across an array of industries to serve our customers, including industrial, commercial, wastewater, preservation, healthcare, hospitality, airports, data centers, refineries, pulp and paper mill applications and so much more.

While our products and services truly are changing the way businesses approach air filtration, it is our people who have always driven us forward for the past 50 years. We have researchers and inventors who have earned us nearly 30 patents; we have channel partners and sales managers who have allowed us to expand into growing markets; we have engineers who design top-of-the-line equipment for partners across the globe; we have marketers who make Purafil a recognizable brand in over 70 countries; we have customer service reps who provide five-star service and support our sales team.

We are fortunate to work with some of the brightest who have propelled Purafil into the company it is today. Because of our team, we are able to fulfill our mission of making the world safer, healthier and more productive. So, here’s to you, Purafil, and another 50!

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