SPHINX Solves Odor Issue for One of the Largest Grow Houses in the World

Grow house odor control

Extreme odors are part of every day life in the grow house industry. However, as one of the largest grow houses in the world drastically scaled their production, the odors emitted became more pronounced. Once complaints began to pour in from neighboring businesses, they knew they had to make changes to their air filtration.

The first step in mitigating the impact of their operations was to asses why their current air filtration solution was not working. This grow house discovered Purafil and their SPHINX line of products that specifically target grow house odors. The experts at Purafil conducted air sampling and gas chromatography which showed seven terpenes and over 50 volatile organic compounds that were responsible for the odors emitted from the facility. The state-of-the-art HVAC system, carbon trays and hundreds of carbon canisters equipped with fans throughout the facility were insufficient for a facility of their size.

To solve the issue, Purafil deployed six SPHINX Cabinets and retrofit their current carbon trays in the HVAC system with SPHINX Odor Max. The Odor Max media is a patented formulation that lasts 2x longer than activated carbon and removes 99.9% of grow house odors as well as helps mitigate mold and powdery mildew.

The impact of the SPHINX system was felt immediately as individual gas concentrations dropped well below detectable levels. Following baseline gas sampling, Purafil tested levels after 24 hours, one week, two weeks and one month. Terpene levels were down 78% after 24 hours and 98% after the two-week period. Other gases responsible for the cannabis smell like aldehydes and fatty acids were reduced by over 80%. This was confirmed when the facility conducted in-house testing by an odor consultant. Even among the strongest odor areas in the facility such as cutting rooms, the tests showed immensely positive results. SPHINX has proven to be the ideal partner due to their solution being engineered specifically for grow houses.

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